Green Philosophy

Sustainable marketing with low environmental impact

We create personalised ecological gadgets to best promote your business in a sustainable way and placing great attention to your specific requirements.

Our strong team, with its ten years’ experience in the promotion and advertisement field, can create successful advertisement campaigns promoting a responsible, clean and sustainable development on a human, business, environmental and society scale.

The sustainable marketing we propose is playing an important part in transforming the actual advertisement strategy into a communication campaign completely committed to environmental protection.

Thanks to our long-lasting experience in the communication field, we established synergies with the most creative and innovative national and international sectors specialized in the production of low environmental impact articles, manufactured with recycled materials, or using renewable energy sources.

Ecological gadgets and environmental responsibility

Thanks to our constant research, we manage to follow our vision of a sustainable marketing, offering ecological gadgets and promotional items produced with low environmental impact, that are environmentally-friendly, fair-trade and produced with recycled or biological materials; all guaranteed by national and international certifications.

Promuovere develops communication strategies and methods to set social, environmental and economic sustainability as our fundamental corporate and brand value that will increase your business and make it long-lasting. We strongly believe that environmental and social respect can be at the base of a good communication and advertisement program. That’s why we plan sustainable marketing and advertisement campaigns and we produce ecological gadgets giving life to commercial strategies that are enriched with ethical concepts of social responsibility.

Everything you can imagine, nature has already created.
Albert Einstein


Promuovere creates environmentally-friendly, ecological gadgets and promotional articles with low environmental impact, produced in Italy with high quality materials and through innovative, technically advanced manufacturing processes. The great respect for the environment and the high quality of materials used is proven by our certifications.


This organization promotes the preservation of forests and plantations, respect for the environment and for the conditions of workers and local populations.


No toxic colors that could damage the skin or the environment are used for our T-shirts, polo shirts or sweatshirts.



As the use of organic cotton proves, we propose eco-friendly products, guaranteeing traceability and compliance.

The Control Union Certification prescribes that the above mentioned products must be manufactured OGM free.



It’s a symbol applied on packaging made of paper and cardboard. It indicates that the packaging material is recyclable but not necessarily recycled, or that part of it might be recycled.


MATER-BI is an innovative family of bioplastics that uses vegetal components, such as corn starch and biodegradable polymers, obtained from renewable or fossil-derived raw materials. Mater-Bi is used for the production of biodegradable cotton buds and bioplastic packaging that replaces traditional polyethylene bags.


Fairtrade certification makes sure that growers and workers in developing countries are offered more advantageous salary conditions. Developed at its early phase for such products as coffee and bananas, this certification was later extended to raw cotton in an unprocessed form. Thanks to its regulations, cotton small-scale growers experienced an improvement of their daily living and working conditions.


The Guarantee of Origin is a Certification for energy derived from renewable sources defined by the European legislation.
It aims to allow the suppliers to prove the quality of renewable energy available in their offer to their final clients. LifeGate Energy gave life to the project ImpattoZero: The CO2 generated by the supply chain and management is offset by contributing to the planting and safeguarding of growing forests that are capable of reabsorbing it.



This logo, defined the “Logo of organic production of the European Union” as provided for in Regulation CE n. 271/2010, aims to improve the organic food and beverage visibility, giving the consumers the possibility to recognize high quality organic products. It can be summarized as follows:

– at least 95% of agricultural ingredients must have been produced organically; only in this case the  definition contained in the product can contain the word “organic” or an abbreviation of it;

– the product complies also with the control and certification system regulations and has been approved by every single Member State;

– the product must originate directly from the grower (if unpacked), otherwise it must be packed in a sealed package;

– the product bears the grower’s name, name of the processor or seller and the code number of the certification body that controlled the last operation it went under right before its placing on sale

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